2017 REP TRY-OUTS - Tryouts have been completed. Please contact the coach directly for inquiries.

Players: Please ensure you have a Permission to TRY-OUT form signed by your league officials if you are coming from another league othen than EYBA. The form is available on http://www.torontobaseball.ca/

NOTE: Major Mosquito AAA (2006) is still looking for players.
Please contact: Coach: Bob Belbin bobbarb@rogers.com
Rep Teams 2017
Minor Rookie Ball 2009 Head Coach Ahren Sternberg        ttasternberg@hotmail.com
Rookie Ball 2008 Head Coach Andrew Green agreen@kirkwooddiamond.com
Minor Mosquito A 2007 Head Coach Craig Keller cjkeller@outlook.com
Minor Mosquito AAA 2007 Head Coach Mike Toth mike.toth@hotmail.com
Mosquito A 2006 Head Coach Rod Davidge RDavidge@osler.com
Mosquito AAA (OPEN SPOTS) 2006 Head Coach Bob Belbin bobbarb@rogers.com
Minor Peewee A 2005 Head Coach Dan Lock Danielalbertlock@gmail.com
Minor Peewee AAA 2005 Head Coach Andrew Needles w.a.needles@gmail.com
Peewee AA 2004  Head Coach Jerry Cassells  jcassells@rogers.com 
Minor Bantam A 2003  Head Coach  Mark Wilkins wilkins.to@gmail.com
Minor Bantam AA 2003  Head Coach Randy Gouin eastenders99@hotmail.com
Bantam A/AA 2002 Head Coach Mike Hershoran mhershoran@rogers.com
Toronto Cardinals Bantam Elite 2002 Head Coach Cameron Watt cameron.watt@sympatico.ca
Major Midget A  1999-2001 Head Coach Des Lam des.lam@rogers.com
Toronto Cardinals Minor Midget Elite 2001 Head Coach Mark Ireland markireland@sympatico.ca
Toronto Cardinals Midget Elite 1999-2000 Head Coach Ryan Corey r_corey.7710@hotmail.com
Juniors 1998 and up Head Coach Steve Campbell stevecampbell15@hotmail.com
Seniors   Team Head Sal Stabile 416-262-9039


Select Teams 2017 - Tryouts to be held over the last 2 weeks of April at Stan Wadlow Park
(Dates & Times posted Early April)
Rookie Select* 2008 & 2009 Head Coach - James Rogers james.r@sympatico.ca
Mosquito Select 2006 & 2007 Head Coach - John Smid john.smid@70ms.com
Peewee Select 2004 & 2005 Head Coach -Cathy Baici cathbee@sympatico.ca
Bantam Select 2002 & 2003 Head Coach - Christopher  Cooksey cm_cooksey@hotmail.com
Midget Select 2000 & 2001 Head Coach - Jai Bond coach.jai007@gmail.com
*A second Rookie Select team may be added if sufficient players and coaches are available.