Rep Teams 2017   

2017 Rep - Tryouts have been completed. Please contact the coach directly for inquiries.

Players: Please ensure you have a Permission to TRY-OUT form signed by your league officials if you are coming from another league othen than EYBA. The form is available on

Minor Rookie (AA) 2009 Head Coach Rob Granatstein
Minor Rookie 2009 Head Coach Ahren Sternberg
Rookie 2008 Head Coach Andrew Green
Minor Mosquito A 2007 Head Coach Craig Keller
Minor Mosquito AAA 2007 Head Coach Mike Toth
Mosquito A 2006 Head Coach Rod Davidge
Mosquito AAA
2006 Head Coach Bob Belbin
Minor Peewee A 2005 Head Coach Dan Lock
Minor Peewee AAA 2005 Head Coach Andrew Needles
Peewee AA 2004  Head Coach Jerry Cassells 
Minor Bantam A 2003  Head Coach  Mark Wilkins
Minor Bantam AA 2003  Head Coach Randy Gouin
Bantam A/AA 2002 Head Coach Mike Hershoran
Toronto Cardinals Bantam Elite 2002 Head Coach Cameron Watt
Major Midget A  1999-2001 Head Coach Des Lam
Toronto Cardinals Minor Midget Elite 2001 Head Coach Mark Ireland
Toronto Cardinals Midget Elite 1999-2000 Head Coach Ryan Corey
Juniors 1998 and up Head Coach Steve Campbell
Seniors   Team Head Sal Stabile 416-262-9039

   Select Teams 2017   

Tryouts have been completed for 2017 - Please contact the coach directly for inquiries

Rookie Select Red 2008 & 2009 Head Coach - James Rogers
Rookie Select Black 2008 & 2009 Head Coach - Kevin Fisher & Gordon Lee
Mosquito Select Red 2006 & 2007 Head Coach - John Smid
Mosquito Select Black 2006 & 2007 Head Coach - Jamie MacKay & Adam Dahlke
Peewee Select 2004 & 2005 Head Coach - Cathy Baici
Bantam Select 2002 & 2003 Head Coach - Christopher  Cooksey
Midget Select 1999 & 2000 & 2001 Head Coach - Jai Bond
Peewee Select